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Title: The Proof of the Pudding Is in the Eating or Pudding as a Translation Problem
Authors: Сидоренко, Сергій Іванович
Гудманян, Артур Грантович
Keywords: pudding
semantic ambiguity
cultural memory
gastronomic discourse
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: Аграр Медіа Груп
Citation: Гудманян А.Г., Сидоренко С.І. The Proof of the Pudding Is in the Eating or Pudding as a Translation Problem Фаховий та художній переклад: теорія, методологія, практика: збірник наукових праць / за заг. ред. А.Г. Гудманяна, С.І. Сидоренка. – К.: Аграр Медіа Груп, 2019. – 404 с.
Abstract: The paper draws attention to the translation problems caused by a wide range of semantic reference of the English word ‗pudding‘, which is an important element of the British gastronomic discourse. The authors look into the history of the word to understand its original reference, make a list of the most common names of puddings, grouping them into categories according to the mode of preparation, provide their available Ukrainian translations and, in case there is no translation available or the existing one is not adequate, offer their translations.
Appears in Collections:Матеріали Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції «Фаховий та художній переклад теорія, методологія, практика» 2019

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