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dc.contributor.authorТерсіна, Ірина Зіновіївна-
dc.identifier.citationТерсіна І. A win-win condition in translating skills acquisition.Фаховий та художній переклад: теорія, методологія, практика: збірник наукових праць / за заг. ред. Л. Г. Буданової, Г. Г. Єнчевої. Київ, 2023. С. 150-156.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractShould translation disappear in business or international tourism with English becoming the global international language of communication, the need of professional translators will always remain to render the regulatory documents or international legal instruments. For instance, in Ukraine, the fast process of European integration when joining the EU leads to a major need of translating the regulatory instruments. It calls for the better quality of the translated texts, translations being as accurate as possible to the original, as well as for the text clarity. It also demands accountability, and ethical approach. This research reflects on the types of conventional translating skills, namely accuracy, accountability, persuasion, credibility behind the translating and interpreting process of legal regulatory instruments, as well as concentrating on aspects and issues of win-win condition in acquiring bilingual translating skills in the era of machine translation growth. However, it has to be emphasized that a fluent bilingual professional has to be also good at persuading listeners to trust him or her, creating neural pathways, preparing carefully for the event, and regularly refining these skills. This research focuses on how these skills (trust, persuasion, ethics) can be applied and what new issues in training translator’s skills and competences for future arise.uk_UA
dc.publisherНаціональний авіаційний університетuk_UA
dc.subjectregulatory legal documentsuk_UA
dc.subjectmachine translationuk_UA
dc.subjectwin-win conditionuk_UA
dc.titleA win-win condition in translating skills acquisitionuk_UA
Appears in Collections:Матеріали міжнародної науково-практичної конференції «Фаховий та художній переклад: теорія, методологія, практика» 2023

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