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Title: Improvement of the Boeing 737 airworthiness system based on the implementation of European aviation regulations
Authors: Kolpakov, Oleksandr
Keywords: safe
civil aviation
дипломна робота
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Publisher: National Aviation University
Abstract: One of the fundamental things in the aviation industry is airworthiness. Airworthiness is a characteristic of an aircraft, which is ensured by the principles envisaged and implemented in its design and performance parameters and allows a safe flight to be carried out under the expected conditions and with established operating methods. The expected operating conditions include the range of design conditions defined by the airworthiness standards, as well as the operating limits and recommended flight conditions established for a given aircraft type at the time of certification. Continuing airworthiness of aircraft - one of the most important factors of safety in civil aviation and the efficiency of the air transport industry today. This paper will analyze the use of the airline's Boeing 737 fleet, analyze the reliability system and the maintenance program. Also, the work will pay attention to the analysis of regulatory documents that regulate the activities of organizations for maintenance and Continuing airworthiness. Innovative paperless manufacturing methods are proposed as suggestions for improving the airworthiness system. The issue of improving the system of training professional personnel in this area is also raised, based on the introduction of European aviation regulations.
Description: Робота публікується згідно наказу ректора від 29.12.2020 р. №580/од "Про розміщення кваліфікаційних робіт вищої освіти в репозиторії НАУ" . Керівник проекту: доцент, к. т. н. Хімко Андрій Миколайович.
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