Кафедра підтримання льотної придатності повітряних суден : [140] Головна сторінка фонду Перегляд статистики


Підфонди цього фонду


Lecture Notes [12]

Lecture notes, synopsizes, manuals etc. by the department staff

Зібрання цього фонду

Aerodrome Professional Practices [6]

Brief Schedule, Program, Template

Complex qualification tasks [1]

Examples of questions, complex qualification tasks for master, bathelor degrees and other materials related to the students education

Methodical Guidance Materials for Diploma Performance [1]

Recommendations to perform diploma works

Presentations by the Department Staff [8]

Presentations at the Conferences, Congresses, Materials, and Reports prepared by the members of the Department

Scientific Theme [2]


Scientific Theme [1]


Text Books, Manuals, and Other Publications for the Students Studying and Learning [6]

The collection contains study publications by the academic stuff of the Aircraft Airworthiness Retaining Department

The 8th World Congress, 2018 [8]

Published Papers

Thematics for the Diploma and Course Projects & Term Papers [2]

Current list of the topics for students project works

Video Lectures [21]

Videos of the lectures delivered by the Department staff

Відповідальний за розділ: професор кафедри збереження льотної придатності авіаційної техніки Гончаренко Андрій Вікторович. Е-mail: andygoncharenco@nau.edu.ua