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Title: Terms of the mental lexicon in the professional aviation language translators
Authors: Yencheva, Halyna
Semyhinivska, Tetiana
Keywords: aviation terminology
translation activity
classifcation frame
mental lexicon
situational frame
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Akademii Polonijnej Educator
Citation: Yencheva, H., & Semyhinivska, T. (2021). Terms of the mental lexicon in the professional aviation language translators. Scientific Journal of Polonia University, 43(6), 146-152.
Series/Report no.: 43 (2020);6
Abstract: The present paper establishes the possibility of presenting the mental lexicon of a technical translator in the form of a classifcation frame that structures the terminological composition of scientifc and technical language in the translation consciousness during the cognition of aviation reality. It is stated that the terms, which are the main means of fxation, accumulation and transfer of scientifc knowledge, become the object of cognitive activity of the translator, who performs cognitive work on their accumulation and structuring in their own mental space to operate them during translation, which emphasizes the heuristic nature translation activities. At the same time, the linguistic component of the mental lexicon allows us to consider its structure, starting from the language itself. The paper attempts to present a mental lexicon within the framework of scientific and technical translation in the form of a set of frames that arrange the terminological structure of language in the mind of the translator as they learn the aviation reality. It is noted that in this case the main task is to show the possibilities of the frame in terms of accumulating and structuring the verbal knowledge about a particular aviation phenomenon or process, in English and Ukrainian with simultaneous identification of inter-language equivalents.
ISSN: 1895-9911
DOI: 10.23856/4318
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