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Title: Personal Markers of Professional Crises of Police Officers
Authors: Tsyhankova, Viktoriia
Циганкова, Вікторія Олександрівна
Keywords: personal markers
professional crises
police officers
professional activity
Issue Date: 7-Apr-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Tsyhankova V.O. Personal Markers of Professional Crises of Police Officers // Polit. Challenges of Science Today. Humanitarian Sciences: abstracts of XXI International Conference of Higher Education Students and Young Scientist. – National Aviation University. – Vol. 1. - Kyiv, 2021. – P.131-132.
Abstract: The police profession is an activity that takes place in special conditions and is associated with high stress, risk and responsibility. This profession is very difficult and dangerous to health (both physical and mental) and even life. Therefore, personal and professional crises, the passage of which is characteristic of any person, in police officers may become particularly acute and maladaptive. The level of responsibility of a police officer should always be at the highest level, which can also lead to rapid professional burnout, chronic stress. If you combine this with the presence of a crisis, you can face an employee who is desperate in himself and his profession, does not know what to do and where to move next. All this makes it impossible to feel job satisfaction, professional well-being, which in turn reduces efficiency and professional reliability. However, it is obvious that the professional activity of a police officer is a guarantee of the safety of citizens and himself. All this points to the need to create effective measures to maintain the vitality of police officers, maintain their health and psychological well-being.
Description: 1. Pomytkina L.V., Polukhina M.P. Features of value-motivational sphere of law enforcers in the period of the crisis of professional formation. Socialization & Human Development: International Scientific Journal. Volume 1. №1 / Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, University of Szczecin (Poland), Ukrainian Association of Educational and Developmental Psychology (Ukraine)-Szczecin, Kyiv, 2019. – Pagess 50-57. 2. Zhdanova I. V. Motyvatsiina skladova profesionalizmu pratsivnykiv orhaniv vnutrishnikh sprav / I. V. Zhdanova // Visnyk Natsionalnoho universytetu vnutrishnikh sprav. – 2004. – № 28. – S. 456–462. 3. Balabanova L. M. Osobystist subiekta pravookhoronnoi diialnosti v aspekti dynamichnykh peretvoren u systemi Ministerstva vnutrishnikh sprav [Elektronnyi resurs] / L. M. Balabanova. period/chapter/8/59/2136.
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