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Title: Localization of video games as the important component of national / cultural patterns expressing
Authors: Колісниченко, Анна Віталіївна
Харицька, Світлана Василівна
Keywords: video games
linguistic component
multimodal communication
types of localization
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: А. Kolisnychenko, S. Kharytska. Localization of video games as the important component of national / cultural patterns expressing / Kharytska S., Kolisnychenko А. // National identity in language and culture: abstract book. – Кyiv, 2020. – P. 169-172.
Abstract: Modern reality gives many reasons to increasingly pay attention to video games, which have now exceeded their entertaining purpose. Modern video games are not only one of the most popular leisure options, but also fulfill other important goals, including education and upbringing. According to such ever-growing demand the production of video games engages in this process a large number of specialists. Thanks to these specialists well-developed companies have a great opportunity to maintain the profitability in the market. While researching the translation of video games as well as sites and software, due to the need to make certain linguistic and cultural changes in the product the concept of "localization" is most often used. An important factor in the popularity of the gaming industry is the high-quality localization of video games, the full adaptation of the computer multimedia environment to the interests and needs of a particular locale.
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