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Title: Optical Illusions in Sacral Space
Other Titles: Złudzenia optyczne w świętej przestrzeni
Authors: Gnatiuk, Liliia
Гнатюк, Лілія Романівна
Гнатюк, Лилия Романовна
Keywords: sacral space
optical illusions
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Cracow University of Technology
Citation: Gnatiuk L. Optical illusions in sacral space // Defining the architectural space. The truth and lie of architecture : XIX International conference. – Cracow University of Technology. – Cracow, 2020. Vol. 4. P. 7-19.
Abstract: The study attempts to trace the techniques and means of using optical illusions in sacral space of ancient temples, which are the subject of architectural heritage and modern trends, analyse the world samples and works of Ukrainian architects. In order to systematize the collected empirical data, it is divided into three main groups: optical illusions in the three-dimensional structure of sacral space, monumental painting, and lighting effects in the interior and exterior environment. Detection results of the study can be an application tool for using the laws of optical illusions to organize the sacred spaces of modern temples.
ISBN: 978-83-7977-533-0
DOI: 10.23817/2020.defarch.4-1
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