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Title: Ecologism as a pholosophical concept and modern approach to the maintenance of nature
Authors: Стригуль (Кльов), Марина Василівна
Keywords: ecologism
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawca "Diamond trading tour", Warszawa
Citation: Klyov M.V. Ecologism as a philosophical concept and modern approach to the maintenance of nature // Perspectywy rozwoju nauki. – Warszawa: Wydawca "Diamond trading tour ", 2012. – Ч. 8. – C. 81 – 83
Abstract: This article deals with the problem of ecologism among modern society. The author has studied ecological problem and the process of Ecologism at all. It mentioned that Ecologism has become a great phenomenon in the Postmodern society and such processes as globalization, decentralization, localization and changing the world order in general. It gives a comprehensive and systematic survey of the main components of Ecologism, and argues with the main points of Ecologism.
ISBN: 978-83-63620-84-4
Appears in Collections:Наукові роботи НПП, докторантів та аспірантів кафедри соціології та політології

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