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Title: Database structure for aircraft fleet reliability management
Authors: Yakushenko, O.
Popov, O.
Simakhina, N.
Keywords: reliability management
aircraft fleet
Database structure
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2022
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет
Citation: O. Yakushenko, O. Popov, N. Simakhina. Database structure for aircraft fleet reliability management // Матеріали X Всесвітнього конгресу “Авіація в XXI сторіччі", 28-30 вересня 2022 р. –К.: НАУ, 2022. pp.1.4.1-1.4.3
Abstract: Analysis of data necessary for the operation of an aviation equipment reliability monitoring system at an airline level was carried out. The PostgreSQL system was used as the basis for the database. The structure of the database and the diagram of tables interaction in it was shown
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