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Title: Some theoretical questions of financial offence in appllying for volation of aviation legislation
Other Titles: Деякі теоретичні питання фінансового правопорушення при зверненні за порушенням авіаційного законодавства
Authors: Kozik, T.L.
Ustinova, I.P.
Keywords: financial offence
legal responsibility
local self-government
instruction about the order of lead through of audits
punish ability
administrative offence
Issue Date: 26-Nov-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Kozik T.L., Ustinova I.P. Some theoretical questions of financial offence in appllying for volation of aviation legislation // Aero-2021. Air and space law: materials of the All-Ukrainian conference of young students. - National Aviation University. - Kyiv, 2021. - Volume 1. - P. 143-145
Series/Report no.: Том 1;
Abstract: Question of financial offence deeply and scalene probed in legal financial literature during great while. The specific of concept foresees research of this question and by lawyers by theorists, and financiers, and those, who is engaged in a criminal and administrative right. But a look exactly of financiers to this question is important theoretical payment in scientific developments of institute of offence. In legal literature confessedly is approach after which offence is foundation 154 of legal responsibility. These relations are in public legal, well-regulated imperative financially legal by norms. Consequently, we have a sufficient scientific ground of necessity of existence of such legal category as financial offence, and the legislative selection of financial offence in an independent kind will have an important value for confirmation of independence of all institutes financially legal to responsibility.
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