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Title: Verbal reliability of building constructions
Other Titles: Вербальна надійність будівельних конструкцій
Вербальная надежность строительных конструкций
Authors: Lapenko, Oleksandr
Nizhnik, Oleksandr
Avdіeіeva, Marina
Мakhinko, Nataliia
Лапенко, О. І.
Нижник, О. В.
Авдєєва, М. С.
Махінько, Н. О.
Лапенко, А. И.
Авдеева, М. С.
Махинько, Н. А.
Keywords: theory of reliability
verbal rules
design service
reliability control service
storage capacity
теорія надійності
критерій якості
вербальні правила
конструкторська служба
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Verbal reliability of building constructions / O. Lapenko, O. Nizhnik, M. Avdіeіeva, N. Мakhinko // Advances in Аerospase Technology. – 2019. – №79 (2). – P. 56–61.
Abstract: This article is devoted to the consideration of issues of reliability of building constructions in its qualitative terms from the point of view of a philosophical and organizational aspect. The argument of this problematic was carried out not through the prism of mathematical formulas, theorems and proofs, but through a set of verbal rules and their critical discussion. In particular, the basic verbal rules were formulated regarding the role of the design and reliability control services in the creation and testing of reliable structures. The meaning of verbal reliability of building constructions in the structure of the general theory of reliability is highlighted and the main components of this concept are given. Negative factors that have a direct impact on the reliability of constructions are considered, and the need for an independent monitoring and balancing policy regarding scientific and engineering activities related to ensuring the actual level of reliability at all stages of the building or structure life cycle are indicated. The role of the reliability control service as an independent structure is justified, and its responsibilities and functional environment are predetermined. In the study of conceptual problems, examples are given from the experience of designing real constructions of silo tanks for storing grain.
DOI: 10.18372/2306-1472.79.13832
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