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dc.contributor.authorIhnatenko, Daria-
dc.contributor.authorІгнатенко, Дар’я Романівна-
dc.identifier.citationIhnatenko D. Role of Voluntary Regulation in Risk-Taking // Polit. Challenges of Science Today. Humanitarian Sciences: abstracts of XXI International Conference of Higher Education Students and Young Scientist. – National Aviation University. – Vol. 1. - Kyiv, 2021. – P.114-116.uk_UA
dc.identifier.otherУДК 001:378-057.87 (063)-
dc.description1. Bogomolova S.N. Individual susceptibility to danger. Psychological and ergonomic questions of safety of activity. Abstracts of reports. Tallinn: Tartu, 1986, pp. 169 - 171. 2. Bykova S.V. Risk-taking as a stable feature of personality. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2016, vol. 1. no. 1, pp. 157-160. 3. Vdovychenko O.V. Psychodiagnostics of tolerance for risk in various spheres of life. Psychology Bulletin of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after G.S. Skovoroda. 2017, Ed. 55. pp. 328-337. Psychology Bulletin. Kh.: KhNPU, 2015, Ed. 50, pp. 80-100. 4. Ivannikov V.A. Psychological mechanisms of volitional regulation (2nd ed.). M.: URAO, 1998, pp. 101-135. Scientific Supervisor: Hirchuk O.V., Senior Lectureruk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe professional activity of psychologists establishes certain requirements on the volitional regulation of specialists in this sphere, in particular on self-control, endurance and initiative. Meanwhile, psychologists also have certain occupational risks in their work directly affecting their effectiveness and productivity. The use of the term "volitional regulation" is likened to the image of "will power." In scientific works, the specific content of volitional regulation is interpreted in various ways: volitional regulation in works by W. James is interpreted as a mechanism for constructing behavior along the line of the greatest resistance; L. Vygotskyi defines the regulation of human behavior as the global function of the will. Thus, it is possible to conclude that volitional regulation of behavior is a special kind of mental regulation of behavior, consisting of the assimilation of signals from the external and internal environmentuk_UA
dc.publisherNational Aviation Universityuk_UA
dc.subjectprofessional activity of psychologistsuk_UA
dc.subjectcertain occupational risksuk_UA
dc.subjectregulation of behavior is a special kind of mental regulationuk_UA
dc.subjectmental regulationuk_UA
dc.subjecthuman behavioruk_UA
dc.subjectvolitional regulationuk_UA
dc.titleRole of Voluntary Regulation in Risk-Takinguk_UA
dc.subject.udc159.947.24 (043.2)uk_UA
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