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Title: Legal Issues Arising From the Commercialization of Cultural Heritage
Authors: Valiyeva Gunel Mohubbat
Keywords: commercialization
legal issues
cultural heritage
international legal instruments
Issue Date: Feb-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Valiyeva Gunel Mohubbat. Lega Issues Arising From the Commercialization of Cultural Heritage. // Сучасне право в епоху соціальних змін: [Матеріали ХІ Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції, м. Київ, Національний авіаційний університет, 26 лютого 2021 р.] Том 2. – Тернопіль: Вектор, 2021. – С.19-22
Abstract: Cultural heritage and natural resources belonging to indigenous people and local communities may constitute significant contribution for them. However, commodification of cultural heritage has both positive and negative impacts. Appropriation, loss of culture, pseudo-culture, loss of the authenticity of the culture, exclusion of the heritage owners to get benefits and economic gains, commodification of the culture and loss of identity of indigenous communities are some of the problematic issues. However, concerns on responsibility, regulations of trade in relation with cultural heritage, sustainable development, preservation of culture, conservation of cultural and natural heritage raised by the world community in different levels (such as academician, lawyers, nongovernmental organizations, etc.) create opportunity to find solutions for reconciliation between the culture and commerce.
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