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Title: Research of increasing fuel efficiency methods for power plants of middle-range aircrafts
Authors: Mokiienko, Denys
Keywords: technology
дипломна робота
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Publisher: National Aviation University
Abstract: Aviation technology is developing very rapidly all over the world. Improvement in the design of airplanes and helicopters, their engines and avionics, as well as technologies for their production provides not only wider opportunities to meet the needs of the population in air transportation, but also gives a significant acceleration of technical progress in general. This is explained by the fact that many new technological solutions used first in aviation. and engine building, after which we find application in other industries. Therefore, the aviation industry is like a driving force for many other industries. And in those countries where aircraft manufacturing is successfully developing, many other industries are improving more rapidly and more widely. Today, the world has come to a difficult time, and improving fuel efficiency is almost the main task in civil aviation. The reserves of petroleum products on the planet are decreasing at a high rate, and in addition, about 60% of the entire operation of the aircraft is fuel. Among other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely reduced amount of air travel, and all airlines are suffering huge losses of money. Therefore, there is a need to create a new aircraft and engine that can compete with Airbus and Boeing, but will be much more economical and cheaper to operate. Ukraine has experience in the creation of aircraft, therefore, in this thesis, a project of a unified turbofan engine for middle-range aircraft with a takeoff weight of 90-110 tons is being developed. The development of unified engines that can be installed on 2- 3, and sometimes even more, different types of aircraft is widely used in world practice. The use of unified engines reduces not only the cost and terms of engine development, but also reduces their production costs, operating costs, and the cost of training personnel for maintenance.
Description: Робота публікується згідно наказу ректора від 29.12.2020 р. №580/од "Про розміщення кваліфікаційних робіт вищої освіти в репозиторії НАУ" . Керівник проекту: доцент, к. т. н. Хімко Андрій Миколайович.
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