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Title: Operational documentation (ICAO Doc 9760). Lectures 6, 7
Authors: Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
Keywords: aircraft
Issue Date: 13-Feb-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Goncharenko A. V. Operational documentation (ICAO Doc 9760). Lectures 6, 7 [video] / A. V. Goncharenko // National Aviation University. – 13 February, 2021. – 23:29 minutes.
Abstract: The video lectures cover the theoretical course on the academic subject of “Operational documentation (ІСАО Dос 9760)”. They contain a few recommendations on the self-study in regards with the application of the knowledge acquired at the study of the subject “Operational documentation (ІСАО Dос 9760)”, which is indispensable to complete laboratory works, home task, module check work, get ready for passing final kinds of control. Designed for the 4th year students of the field of study 27 “Transport”, specialty 272 “Aviation transport”.
Description: The material of the lectures is delivered in topics, sections, and subsections. The attention is drawn to the purpose and types of operational documentation in the field of aircraft airworthiness support and continuing. Special consideration is made for the aircraft maintenance and repair process documentation provisioning. Described and discussed the place of operational documentation in the system of aircraft airworthiness support; content of operational documentation; normative-technical documentation both general and type; minimal content of type normative-technical documentation; certifying documentation and production-technical documentation. Also, there are lectures dedicated to the state etalon; content of etalon documentation; processing check and work copies of general and type normative-technical documentation; order of putting changes into work and check copies; information systems of operational documentation processing.
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