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Title: Mathematical Methods for Optimizing Maintenance Processes. Lectures
Authors: Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
Keywords: method
Issue Date: 10-Feb-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Goncharenko A. V. Mathematical Methods for Optimizing Maintenance Processes. Lectures [video] / A. V. Goncharenko // National Aviation University. – 10 February, 2021. – 01:19:46 minutes.
Abstract: Mathematical methods of aircraft maintenance processes optimization are considered in the terms of the optimization theoretical aspects. Namely, it deals with the simplest methods related to the function optimization problems, as well as more complex methods related to functional optimization. Applied aspects of optimization in application to the problems of the aircraft maintenance are also offered. Designed for the 5th year students majoring in 272 "Air Transport".
Description: Optimization is considered as finding the best, in a certain sense, solution in the terms of requirements. There are two main aspects of optimization, namely: first, the solution of specific practical problems, such as finding optimal conditions for the technological process of aircraft maintenance, and; secondly, finding theoretical regularities obtained as optimal solutions under the given conditions or preconditions. Naturally, in both cases the similar methods of constructing computational algorithms and mathematical apparatus are used, the study of which is the subject of this discipline.
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