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Title: Transport vehicles
Authors: Goncharenko, Andriy Viktorovich
Keywords: transport
Issue Date: 3-Feb-2021
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: Goncharenko A. V. Transport vehicles [videos] / A. V. Goncharenko // National Aviation University. – February, 2021.
Abstract: This discipline is a component and theoretical basis of the knowledge and competencies for studying the academic subject (discipline) and training in the field of transport technology. Lecture topic: classification of transportation means (vehicles).
Description: Lecture plan. 1. The purpose and objectives of the academic subject (discipline). 2. General classification of transportation means (vehicles). 3. Classification of wheeled transportation means (vehicles) by their structure (vehicle category). 4. Classification of aircraft.
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jnd-ozsr-jyy (2021-02-03 at 06_41 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 1.1189.1 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
fbx-hnaw-sjj (2021-02-15 at 06_57 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 1.2148.65 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
tph-qgrm-nix (2021-02-16 at 07_36 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 1.3102.89 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
yfw-hvex-cja (2021-02-17 at 02_44 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 1.498.72 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
yfw-hvex-cja (2021-02-17 at 06_12 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 2.155.17 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
yza-grxe-mzw (2021-02-17 at 23_25 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 2.2 (Variant 1)85 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
njn-cfwp-jbr (2021-02-18 at 06_02 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 2.2 (Variant 2)60.24 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
xqo-ovpd-yfg (2021-02-18 at 07_04 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 2.2 (Variant 3)58.22 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
iom-thes-twi (2021-02-20 at 04_08 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 2.3155.93 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
tdu-emnk-eer (2021-02-21 at 08_04 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 2.4126.24 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
hhq-rzen-bai (2021-02-23 at 00_22 GMT-8).mp4Lecture 2.594.32 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
pqo-thwq-ikh (2021-02-24 at 03_35 GMT-8).mp4Practical Classes 1.1-1.8112.77 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
cmz-mctz-ujq (2021-02-24 at 23_52 GMT-8).mp4Practical Classes 2.1-2.770.42 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open
mma-rpjk-gkm (2021-02-25 at 01_11 GMT-8).mp4Final Instructions85.68 MBVideo (MP4)View/Open

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