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Title: Analysis of layout and justification of design parameters of a demonstration aircraft based on solar cells
Authors: Isaienko, Volodymyr
Kharchenko, Volodymyr
Matiychyk, Mykhailo
Lukmanova, Inessa
Keywords: aircraft
solar cells
aerodynamic satellite
solar energy
unmanned aircraft
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Isaienko V., Kharchenko V., Matiychyk M., Lukmanova I. Analysis of layout and justification of design parameters of a demonstration aircraft based on solar cells // E3S Web of Conferences. - 2020. - Vol. 164. - P. 13007.
Series/Report no.: 164;
Abstract: The development of aviation vehicles on SC (solar cells) requires, in particular, evaluations of the technical decisions made regarding the layout of future developments and obtaining their design parameters. Accordingly, it is important to take into account previous developments in the various aviation engineering fields relevant to new aviation vehicles on the SC. Thanks to a detailed analysis of the flight and performance characteristics of widely known aircraft models on the SC from the 70s of the 20th century to the present, a picture of the distribution of aerodynamic schemes and important design parameters with conclusions regarding their choice is obtained. For aircraft on SC, the corresponding boundaries of their work in height and speed are determined in comparison with long-range aircraft. Also, acceptable values of unit load per unit area and specific power have been obtained that allow aircraft to be lifted on the SC at altitudes of at least 20 ths.m. These altitudes are promising for longhaul aircraft to be operated on to SC for the purpose of performing the functions of an "aerodynamic satellite" or the so-called "pseudosatellite". The design parameters of the "pseudosatellite" demonstrator on the SC with a wingspan of 11m and a starting mass of 16 kg were obtained.
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