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Title: Assessing the operator’s readiness to perform tasks of controlling by the unmanned aerial platforms
Authors: Кучеров, Дмитро
Kucherov, Dmytro
Кучеров, Дмитрий
Кучеров, Дмитрий Павлович
Keywords: operator of unmanned aerial platform
qualityof operator activity
Issue Date: 9-Aug-2020
Abstract: Together with the intensity of development in the field of technology of unmanned platforms and their effective use for solving various tasks of peacetime and war, the requirements for the training of the operator managing the platform also increase. This fully applies to personnel providing the flight of manned means.Nevertheless, there are significant differences inthe requirement of operator preparedness for an unmanned platform.This is, first of all, control in conditions of remoteness from an unmanned platform, orientation on the display of the control panel, delays in the passage of information, and possibly a complete loss of communication.In such conditions, the requirements for the reaction time of the operator increase,he must also have the ability to anticipate the development of the situation, be able to work with available equipment for a long time.These and severalother criteria determine the general criterion of operator productivity, which is introduced in the work.The productivity criterion is a linear convolution function of particular criteria with some weighting factors, the exact values of which are unknown.A detailed analysis of particular criteria made it possible to establish their inconsistency and heterogeneity.The article proposes an approach that allows us to eliminate the inconsistency of local criteria by separately calculating weight coefficientsfor each part based on the hierarchy analysis method.The basic properties of the proposed approach are also given; modeling confirms the correctness of the solutions.This approach can be useful inthecertification of operators of various fields of activity.
ISSN: 2415-6698
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