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Title: Assessment of marketing activity management in territorial units: theoretical-methodological approach
Authors: Смерічевський, Сергій Францович
Smerichevskyi, Serhii Frantsovych
Князєва, Тетяна В'ячеславівна
Kniazieva, Tetiana Viacheslavivna
Walid, Atia
Keywords: territorial marketing
area marketing potential
regional policy
sustainable economic development
strategic planning of territorial marketing
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Riga: Publishing House “Baltija Publishing”
Citation: S. Smerichevskyi , T. Kniazieva, A. Walid. Assessment of marketing activity management in territorial units: theoretical-methodological approach // Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, Volume 4 Number 4. Riga: Publishing House “Baltija Publishing”, 2018, 326-333 pages.
Abstract: The subject of the study is a set of theoretical and methodological aspects of the development of organizational and economic relations that arise in the process of interaction of economic subjects while shapingthe potential of territorial marketing as a factor of its socio-economic development. The purpose of the study is to substantiate the methodology for assessing the integral indicator of the territorial marketing functioning. The methodology of the presented study of marketing management in territorial units is based on the multivariate assessment of various economic entities that clearly shows the priorities and unevenness in the areas’ development. Area economic entities themselves are interested in the area development and determine the direction of area development. Economic entities’ direct residence and economic activity conducted by them in the area should be taken into account. This makes them serious experienced experts who are really interested in the effective and rapid development of their area. Economic entities themselves determine the measurable criteria for assessing the directions that they were originally offered. The “brainstorming” is used where the experts in the area development are involved. There is a joint process aimed at obtaining the most concrete and measurable results that actual state is assessed from 0 to 10 by the process participants based on personal observations and statistics. The evaluation of marketing results is based on the multicriteria socio-economic approach. The evaluation criteria should include the economic mechanism formation. This mechanism provides an effective interaction of market institutions and business entities in the area; selection of wholesale and retail organizational and economic forms, financial and credit and business services, as well as organizational and legal forms of trade and economic interregional ties; the markets system creation that is based on the priority provision of consumers and small owners interest; the choice of the most effective channels for goods movement, transportation, warehousing, material, financial, and information flows rationalization. The methodology for estimating the integral indicator of territorial marketing functioning that is presented in the work is based on the next indicators: financial stability, business activity, profitability, technical and technological stability, social sustainability, environmental sustainability that allows monitoring the functioning of the territorial marketing system. This methodology is universal since it allows evaluating areas of different industrial orientations and comparing them in order to identify the greatest functioning stability. Methodology for marketing research of areas potential is based on the system approach, complex consideration of conceptual principles of areas’ marketing potential formation and development; key features of territorial marketing allow carrying out purposeful actions for the sustainable development of area marketing potential, within the framework of which the conditions of its formation are determined, and their aggregate acts as a point of growth of market marketing component of the economic potential of the territory and is the basis for constructing the model of infrastructure of the marketing potential of the territory, used to make sound and balanced management decisions; developed a methodology for assessing the integral indicator of the functioning of territorial marketing. Research conclusion: grounded methodology of research of territorial marketing potential that is based on the system approach, complex consideration of concepts of area marketing potential formation and development. The key features of territorial marketing are distinguished that allow carrying out purposeful actions for the stable development of the area marketing potential, within the framework of which the conditions for its forming are determined, and their complex serves as a point of growth of market marketing component of the area economic potential and is the basis for the creation of the infrastructure model for the area marketing potential that is used to make substantiated and balanced management decisions; a methodology for assessing the integral indicator of territorial marketing is developed.
Description: Growing role of territorial marketing areas and changes in the strategies of territorial management are associated with a number of factors: change in the philosophy, principles, objectives of the area development, identification of the population as a real participant in the system of area planning, as well as change of the area authorities nature who become the main responsible persons for the area socio-economic development, including its improvement, safety and social protection of the population. The problems of territorial marketing are extremely relevant in Ukraine as far as they relate to such important areas as state and local government, investment attractiveness, European integration, competitiveness and strategic development of regions. The implementation of a regional policy aimed at eliminating disproportions between regions and their integrated development is strategically important for Ukraine. A progressive change in the socio-economic structure of the region that ensures the economical use of its resources and best satisfaction of area production needs means the development of the region. Territorial marketing allows to look at the territorial unit from the point of view of its consumer value and, therefore, takes into account the needs and interests of the population. Territorial marketing becomes an integral part of the expanded reproduction process of area economic entities that is related with the production, promotion, distribution, and sale of products produced within the economic, geographical, and natural specifics of certain territorial units. Development of territorial marketing that is involved into the production process and goods and services circulation requires the study of the modern marketing theory, methodology and practice, as well as its consideration through the prism of economic entities’ interests which are an integral part of the algorithm of decision-making. All it allows to purposefully affect the consumers’ behaviour and stimulation mechanisms.
DOI: 10.30525/2256-0742/2018-4-4-326-333
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