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Title: Cultural barriers in communication.
Authors: Vdovychenko, O.
Keywords: language barriers
communication barriers
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: «ΛΌГOΣ»
Citation: Vdovychenko O. Cultural barriers in communication. The results of scientific mind's development: 2019: Collection of scientific papers «ΛΌГOΣ» with Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference (2), 12.12.2019, p 65-66.
Abstract: The problem of interaction and mutual understanding of cultures is especially relevant for modern society in connection with the complex social modernization processes experienced by it, the profound transformation of American culture and intense interethnic relations. Thus, in the process of perceiving each other, representatives of different cultures often encounter difficulties and obstacles that interfere with their mutual understanding and can lead to conflict situations. Researchers define such difficulties in communication by the term – intercultural barriers. Intercultural barriers arise for a number of reasons that need to be understood and it is necessary to develop a strategy for overcoming them.
ISBN: 978-89-5764-765-3
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