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Title: Educational and methodical complex of discipline "Theory of Machines and Mechanisms"
Other Titles: Навчально-методичний комплекс дисципліни "Теорія машин і механізмів"
Учебно-методический комплекс дисциплины "Теория машин и механизмов"
Authors: Корнієнко, Анатолій Олександрович
Федорчук, Світлана Володимирівна
Keywords: aviation transport
theory of machines and mechanisms
educational and methodical complex of discipline
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2019
Abstract: This discipline is the theoretical basis of combined knowledge and skills that form the profile of aviation specialist in fields of kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms and machines, the foundations of mechanism design scheme for a given kinematic and dynamic parameters. The purpose of teaching the discipline is to form future professionals knowledge on the structure, kinematics and dynamics of modern machines and mechanisms, as well as methods for their design. Acquired knowledge is the basis for the study of modern aeronautical engineering at special departments and need professionals who work in the fields of aircraft and helicopters. The tasks of the discipline are studying general principles of analysis and synthesis of leverages, cam mechanisms and gear trains, acquisition of practical skills of mechanism structure determination, carrying out kinematic and force analysis of mechanisms, acquaintance with the method of law of motion determination and methods of balancing and motion control of mechanisms and machines.
Appears in Collections:Навчально-методичні комплекси з дисциплін кафедри машинознавства

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