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Title: Экспериментальное исследование свойств геомодификаторов в парах трения
Other Titles: Experimental investigation of the properties of geomodifiers in friction pairs
Authors: Іщенко, Анатолій Олексійович
Радіоненко, Олександр Васильович
Корнієнко, Анатолій Олександрович
Keywords: геомодификаторы
коэффициент трения
граничное трение
пара трения «вал – лента»
масло И-20А и Тп-22
friction coefficient
boundary friction
friction pair "shaft - tape"
oil I-20A and Tp-22
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2018
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет
Citation: Экспериментальное исследование свойств геомодификаторов в парах трения / Ищенко А. А., Радионенко А. В., Корниенко А. А. // Проблеми тертя та зношування № 2 (79). - 2018. - С. 41-49.
Series/Report no.: 2;
Abstract: Исследован процесс микроприработки поверхностей трения с применением геомо-дификаторов. Для экспериментов применялись геомодификаторы ГМТ-У-1/3 и ГМТ-У-1/30 в масле. Определены коэффициенты трения для масла И-20А без гео-модификаторов и с добавлением геомодификаторов. Проведены эксперименты с турбинным маслом и при нагреве. Выявлено оптимальное процентное содержание геомодификатора в масле.
The paper presents the results of research on friction surfaces microprocessing using geomodi-fiers (GMF). Studies have been done on the content of GMF in oil in percent, which provides the required anti-friction properties. The research was carried out on a precision tribometer and a of friction pair "shaft - tape". In experiments, grinded and roughened to Rа = 0,08 ... 0,1 mi-crons the specimens made of steel 45 (hardness НRC 30 ... 32) with a diameter of 30 mm were applied. As a counter-sample, a steel tape made of steel U8 with a roughness Ra of 0.1 microns was used with a width of 32 mm, a thickness of 0,06 mm. The temperature in the friction process was controlled with the help of a chromel-collier thermocouple. The working junction of the thermocouple was applied to the counter-sample tape. The friction mode corresponded to the boundary friction, which was described in previous studies. The experiments with compositions of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% content of GMF-U-1/3 and GMF-U-1/30 in oil were carried out. The coefficients of friction after microprocessing for I-20A grease without geomodifiers and with the addition of geomodifiers are determined. Experiments with geomodifiers GMF-U-1/3 and turbine oil were carried out to detect the influence of oil grades. Friction coefficient studies during heating were carried out with with compositions of 10% content of GMF-U-1/3 in oil I-20. The dependences of the coefficient of friction on the percentage of geomodifiers in oils I-20A and Tp-22 are given. As a result of the antifriction properties of geomodifiers studies, their optimal percentage content in oil was detected. Thus, data was obtained to justify the choice of the required percentage content of geomodifiers in the I-20 oil when used in friction pairs under extreme friction conditions.
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