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Title: The evaluation of the crack-like damage parameter of blades at the vibroacoustical diagnosis of the gas-turbine engines
Authors: Ignatovich, S.R.
Bouraou, N.
Issue Date: May-2012
Abstract: This work is devoted to vibroacoustical condition monitoring of the gas-turbine engines (GTE) blades and diagnosis of the crack-like damages at the steady-state and non-steady-state modes of GTE. For detection of the mentioned damages we proposed the application and further development of the low-frequency vibroacoustical diagnostic methods which use vibrating and acoustical noise as diagnostic information. The following amplitude dimensionless characteristics are used as fault features: probability factor, peak factor and factor of background. The evaluation of the crack-like damage of the blades is carried out at the steady-state and non-steady-state modes by using the generalized likelihood method. The statistical quality of the received estimations is investigated.
Description: XXV Symposium Vibrations in Physical Systems
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