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Title: ВІДТВОРЕННЯ МОВНИХ АНОМАЛІЙ У ХУДОЖНЬОМУ ПЕРЕКЛАДІ (на матеріалі мовлення персонажів романів МаркаТвена та їх перекладів)
Authors: Струк, Ірина Василівна
Keywords: grammatical anomaly, dialect speech, Mark Twain, lexical-semantic anomaly, language anomaly, sense, strategy, form, phonographic anomaly, literary translation.
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The dissertation focuses on the complex approach to analyzing the language anomalies of Mark Twain’s novels with regard to their phonographic, lexical-semantic, morphological and syntactic levels. Language anomalies are aimed to widen or create new senses of the text as a result of using markers of social-regional vocabulary and creating the informative message of the text by using phonographic, lexical-semantic, morphological and syntactical mistakes, which sometimes aren’t connected with geographic or social dialects. In multiple Ukrainian translations, the main strategies, methods and ways of rendering phonographic, lexical-semantic, morphological and syntactic anomalies have been defined. Translation of phonographic anomalies were done in the target texts with the help of defixation, wrong spelling, change of meaning with further explanations and comments. Syntactic anomalies were recreated taking into consideration grammatical inaccuracies of the target language. To recreate morphological language anomalies the translators used archaisms and agrammatical dyslexion. Contextual analysis of language anomalies in the source language text and target language text has been made. Main types of information loss/changing in the process of English-Ukrainian translation have been defined. The most frequent cause of losing the author’s message is the translator’s conscious or subconscious refusal to recreate the language anomalies and their translation with the help of domestication strategy.
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