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Title: The influence of chemical modification on adsorption properties of natural zeolites
Authors: Кустовська, Антоніна Дмитрівна
Keywords: decationization
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Citation: Ukrainian-Polish Symposium: ХV “Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Interfacial Phenomena and Their Technological Applications”, forwarded for publication in the Special Issue of the Adsorption Science and Technology. September 12-15, 2016. – Lviv – Ukraine. – Р. 87.
Abstract: The influence of decationization and dealumination on adsorption of water with rock from Transcarpathian deposit (Lypcha village, Ukraine) containing mordenite and clinoptilolite in the ratio 1:1 was studied. The obtained results can be used for preparation of adsorbents for dehydration of gases and organic liquids.
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