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Title: Plasmachemical modification of adsorbents surface
Authors: Трачевський, Вячеслав Васильович
Кустовська, Антоніна Дмитрівна
Косенко, Олена Іванівна
Keywords: plasmachemical modification
adsorbent surfaces
ion exchange
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: XIІI Міжнародна конференція з фізики і технології тонких плівок і наноструктур. 16-21 травня Івано-Франківськ.-2011. – С.289
Abstract: Modification of surface of adsorbents was conducted by the developed method in a high-frequency electrodeless plasma charge on frequency of 13,56 MHz. The received results show that nanoparticles with diferent properties are created on the surface of adsorbent. This is proved by sufficient for statistically grounded conclusion number of researched patterns.
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