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Other Titles: H2/H∞-оптимізація інерціальних стабілізованих платформ
Authors: O. A. Sushchenko
O. V. Shirokii
Keywords: H2/H∞-approach; parametrical synthesis; robust systems; vector optimization; genetic algorithm.
H2/H∞-підхід; параметричний синтез; робастні системи; векторна оптимізація; генетичний алгоритм.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Kyiv, "Osvita Ukrainy"
Abstract: The paper deals with H2/H∞-approach to design of the inertially stabilized platforms operated at vehicles of the different types including unmanned aerial ones. The formulation of the vector optimization problem is represented. The robust optimization algorithm and results of the synthesied system simulation are shown. Comparative analysis of the results of the parametrical optimization using the Nelder-Mead method and genetic algorithm are given. Proposed approach ensures functioning of the inertially stabilized platforms in the difficult conditions of real operation.
ISSN: 1990-5548
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