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Title: Investigation of traffic accident:gate deformations during motor vehicle-gate interaction
Authors: Бєлятинський, Андрій Олександрович
Prentkovskis, Olegas
Prentkovskiene, Rasa
Lukoseviciene, Ona
Sokolovskij, Edgar
Keywords: traffic accident
motor vehicle
finite elements
computer-run simulation
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2008
Publisher: Reliability and statistics in transportation and communication
Citation: Traffic accidents occur every 15 seconds, in which people suffer. One person is injured every 1.5 minute, i.e. one thousand people are injured during 24 hours.
Series/Report no.: 8;
Description: Statistical data of registered traffic accidents in Lithuania is presented. The specific traffic accident in Lithuania is presented. The specific traffic accident investigated using the mathematical model of transport and pedestrian traffic restricting gate which is designed and briefly presented in paper. There are two sections of the gate: first section restricted thetraffic of motor vehicles, second section limited the traffic of pedestrians. The gate was modelled based on the first-order one-dimensional finite elements taking into account only the resilience of the gate elements and the impact of soil on the ground-embeddent parts of the gate support and auxiliary posts. The deformations of gate elements were determined based onthe mathematical model designed.The computer-run simulation(for the purpose of working out the mathematical model of gate) was perfomed using specially developed Maple and Compaq Visual Fortran Professional software-based applied programs.
ISBN: 978-9984-818-11-5
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