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Title: Modelling of “Human-Environment” system on the theory of S- space self-organization foundation
Authors: Михайленко В.Є.
Mikhailenko V.Y.
Михайленко В.Е.
Седлецькая Н.І.
Sedletskaya N.I.
Седлецкая Н.И.
Ковальов Юрій Миколайович
Kovaluov Yuri
Ковалев Юрий Николаевич
Keywords: Ecology
geometry modelling
wave model of S- space
theory of self-organization
human factor
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: Axioms of S- space, theory of S- space self-organization, S- mappings are described. The general model “human-environment" and some of working models, which illustrated practice of its application, are considered. A demonstration version of COMP- 97 software is described.
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