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Authors: Kubaychuk, O
Keywords: печериця, протеїн, процес сушіння, питома теплота випаро- вування, вологість, температура, модель.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Наукові праці НУХТ.
Citation: Наукові праці НУХТ. Т.21, №6, - 2015., С. 147-153.
Abstract: The problem of champignons drying has beenn investigated in this article. The optimum temperature for drying is the temperature at which the final product has the best taste and retains the maximal quantity of nutrients. The research was conducted using the method of simultaneous thermal analysis. It was established experimentally that the optimum temperature for the stipes and caps of champignons vary significantly. The models of drying fungi stipes at different fixed temperatures have been developed. The drying process of fungi stipes at optimum temperature has been modeled.
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