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Title: Alkaline Fly-Ash Cements and concretes, influence of care on early stage of hardening
Authors: Krivenko Pavel
Kovalchuk Georgiy
Kovalchuk Olexandr
Grabovchak Valentina
Keywords: аlkaline cements
аlkali activated fly ash
concrete care
structure formation
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2011
Publisher: Non-Traditional Cement & Concrete IV Brno
Abstract: There are a lot of not well investigated processes in alkaline fly-ash cement technology. Among them the role o f fly-ash type and type o f alkaline component in structure formation processes in different stages, new phases formation and connected with this properties of cements and concretes, including corrosion resistant, durability and other. It was necessarry to investigave influence of concrete care curing, humidity temperature on properties of fly ash-alkaline concrete, on their early stage strength, stability and possibility to self-destruction.Also, it is important to now about strength development o f different types o f alkaline fly-ash cements and concretes on their base in time and special properties o f such material, especially m case of investigation possibility to uncover fresh concrete surface.
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