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Title: Usage of aviation simulator in a process of ATS officers training
Authors: German, Alina
Keywords: дипломна робота
air traffic control
control area
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет.
Abstract: Aviation is a sphere where voice communication system plays a great role. Proficiency in English is a key tool for an air traffic controller and phraseology of radio exchange has a number of specific features. Air traffic controller’s work includes maintaining an orderly flow of air traffic, servicing of an aircraft and control of safe movement on the ground and in the airspace. The only way to communicate with the pilot is a radio communication, which takes place in a real-time operation and requires maximum attention from the specialist. Among the below overviewed means and methods of training, a special place is taken by simulator training, which has the closest connection with the formation of ATCO's high competence and confidence. For this purpose, the existing training systems and theoretical approach foe studying was analyzed. Training simulators allow the formation of knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as professionally important qualities. The main purpose of this work is to present the device that can be used for aviation personal training, as well as in different directions. The aim of this graduate thesis is an investigation of existing training system for an ATCO, its components and training simulators to be used for a specialist preparation and creation of new simulator for aviation personnel training. The following tasks have to get accomplished: 1) Analyze general process of aviation personnel simulator training; 2) Analyze the process of professional skills formation; 3) Analyze human factor affects and its reduction due to skills training; 4) Overview of new simulator system and its usage.
Description: Робота публікується згідно наказу ректора від 21.01.2020 р. №008/од "Про перевірку кваліфікаційних робіт на академічний плагіат 2019-2020р.р. навчальному році" . Керівник проекту: доцент, Богуненко Микола Миколайович
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