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Title: Sundials - astronomical decoration of the urban environment
Authors: Korobko, K. V.
Коробко, К. В.
Коробко, Е. В.
Keywords: the urban environment of Kyiv
the architectural and planning organization of the city
implementation sundials with a horizontal dial
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2020
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет
Citation: Korobko K. V. Sundials - astronomical decoration of the urban environment. ХХ Міжнародна науково-практична конференція здобувачів вищої освіти і молодих учених «Політ. Сучасні проблеми науки», 1-3 квітня 2020 р. Київ: НАУ, 2020. С.42-43 [ Scientific supervisor – Agieieva G. M.]
Series/Report no.: Сер. 42. Архитектура, проектирование, градостроительство;
Abstract: Today sundials are elements of the facade solution of buildings or independent street/ park constructions. They have individual constructive solutions and architectural design that reminding about the old way of measuring time. In the urban environment, the most common are the clock with the vertical dial. Recently, the popularity of watches with horizontal dial, which are located in the territories of parks, squares, quays, etc., is increasing. Formulation of the problem. Each type of sundial has it own advantages and disadvantages. The mode of operation is common to them - only by clear skies. Users of vertical watch can keep track of time from a distance. Horizontal clock watches require the presence of users at short distances or allow them to become a direct participants in the definition of time. The object of study is the urban environment of Kyiv. The subject of the study - features and means of implementation sundials with a horizontal dial in the architectural and planning organization of the city. The research was carried out in March 2020 during the development of pre-project proposals for the organization of urban spaces in Kiev with the guidance of teachers of the department of architecture, design and town planning, the FABD.
Description: 1. Цар Т. В., Агєєва Г. М. Сонячний вимір часу по-київськи. Архітектура та екологія: матеріали VІ Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції, 17-19 листопада 2014 р., м.Київ. К.: НАУ, 2014. С.297-299. URL: 2. Мазур В. Солнечные часы на Владимирской. URL: 3. ДБН Б.2.2-5:2011 Планування та забудова міст, селищ і функціональних територій. Благоустрій територій [На зміну СНиП III-10-75; чинні від 2012-09-01]. Вид. офіц. Київ: Мінрегіон України, 2012. 64 с.
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