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Title: Organization of aviation security in airports of Ukraine.
Authors: Khomenko, Iryna
Keywords: дипломна робота
aviation security
security control procedure
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет.
Abstract: As we can see from different sources, especially in annual reports of qualified organizations, flow of aviation traffic is growing sharply. At that time passenger, cargo and other air transportations are also increasing. Next to them risks of terrorism, acts of unlawful interference, seizing in airport/aircraft can appear. With the aim to protect people and infrastructure from threat such unit as aviation security service was created. After analyzing situations and problems that arise in “safety” sphere we can understand the importance of this unit. The objective of diploma work is organization of aviation security in airport of Ukraine and problems of its establishment. The object of our investigation is Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany). Tasks: a) to get acquainted with current aviation security system: relative to passengers, crew, cargo; documentary base of it; b) pros and cons of actual system and problems that appeared before or can arise; c) main recommendations how to improve today’s security in Kyiv airport. To execute diploma’s tasks we have to follow such steps: a) analyze international documents that regulate aviation security procedures in airports; b) analyze national documents, which regulate security aspects in Ukrainian airports; c) consider number of personnel and equipment needed for normal functioning of control point; d) to sum up all possible improvements in the sphere of aviation security (for Kyiv International Airport).
Description: Робота публікується згідно наказу ректора від 21.01.2020 р. №008/од "Про перевірку кваліфікаційних робіт на академічний плагіат 2019-2020р.р. навчальному році" . Керівник проекту: доцент, Богуненко Микола Миколайович
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