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Title: Research of the jet a-1 aircraft fuel electrification
Authors: Trofimov, Igor Leonidivich
Iavniuk, Andriy Andriyovich
Radomska, Margarita Miroslavivna
Keywords: aviation fuel
dielectric liquids
electric charges
charge density
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: Turkish Aviation University
Citation: I. L. Trofimov. Research of the Jet A-1 aircraft fuel electrification / I.L. Trofimov, A.A. Iavnuk, M.M. Radomska // Sustainable aviation, Vol. 4, Nos. 3/4, 2018. p. 273-289.
Series/Report no.: Aviation fuels;Vol. 4, Nos. 3/4
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the processes of aviation fuel JET A-1 electrification; it also presents the discussion of the research results in this area available from open resources. The purpose of this work was to study the phenomenon of hydrocarbon liquids' electrification and to substantiate the possibility of using static electricity to generate electric power with the separation of charges in dielectric liquids., The aviation fuel has been chosen as an object of research, since modern requirements to the refueling aircraft with high-performance pumps followed by the fine filtration are the stable source of static charges generation, which raises the need to combat them. Static charges were identified and measured with the standard techniques. The results of measurements show the dependence between the parameters of static charge density and the flow, flow rate, flow rate gradient and length of the pipeline. The level of the tank filling has been also accounted as a special index, measured in the model system. We have also developed the device and the method for obtaining high voltage power, which is based on the positive use of charges of the static electricity derived from the static charge converter, which is a standard application in all technological schemes of aviation fuel supply services of Ukrainian airports. The further research must cover the effect of fuels electrification on the change of their operational properties, with the subsequent possibility of fuels operational properties modification with the help of electrostatic fields.
Description: The article is devoted to the study of electrification of Jet A-1 aviation fuel during its use and storage
ISSN: 2050-0467
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