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Title: Methodological aspects of evaluating a homeostasis of a biological object
Authors: Boichenko, S.V.
Kosheva, L.O.
Kuzovik, V.D.
Ivanets, O.B.
Keywords: homeostasis
biological object
human body
methodological approache
rapeseed oil
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Boichenko S.V.,Kosheva L.O.,Kuzovik V.D., Ivanets O.B. (2019) "Methodological aspects of evaluating a homeostasis of a biological object", Proceedings of XIV international conference on modern acnievements of science and education, pp.19-22.
Abstract: A biological object (BO) can be defined as a physico-chemical system existing in the environment at steady state. Various anatomical, physiological, and behavioral adaptations have been developed to ensure a steady state in all BOs (from the morphologically simple to the most complex). They are aimed at the formation of various forms of adaptation at all levels of organization of biological object: molecular, cellular, tissue-organ, organism etc. [1, 2]. The dynamic constancy of the internal environment of the BO and its fluctuations within the acceptable limits are deternined by the so-called homeostasis, characterized by homecostatic parameters (cons- tants). Knowledge of the state of human homeostasis allows early regis- tration of the onset of any processes in the body; evaluate the effectiveness of any effect on the body, adjust the tactics and dosage of any therapy; evaluate side effects from any manipulations, lifestyle changes; evaluate the ability to perform complex camera work in extreme conditions (controllers, pilots, sailors, special forces, rescuers etc.).
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