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Title: Public access data in aerospace industry
Authors: Yeremenko, Roman
Badakh, Valeri
Keywords: aerospace
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2019
Publisher: ORT Publishing
Citation: “Science progress in European countries: new concepts and modern solutions”: Papers of the 8th International Scientific Conference. July 12, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany. 338 p.
Abstract: In industries like an aerospace engineering a large amount of researches is funded by the corporations, which grant special access to the specific documentation and data to affiliated scientists and may provide internship to affiliated universities students. The downside of above-mentioned model is that it might complicate the researches that require general statistical design and/or performance data from the wide range of products (such as aircrafts or helicopters), thus complicating predictions of trends in the field, which could be detrimental to conceptual advancement of aerospace engineering as a whole, as well as to providing the cutting-edge industry awareness to students, teachers and researchers alike.
ISBN: 978-3-944375-22-9
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