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Title: Legal thinking in theory and philosophy of law
Other Titles: Правопонимание в теории и философии права
Authors: Бородін, Іван Лук'янович
Миронець, Оксана Миколаївна
Keywords: legal thinking
sources of law
being of law
theory of law
philosophy of law
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Національний авіаційний університет
Citation: Бородін І.Л. Legal thinking in theory and philosophy of law / І.Л. Бородін, О.М. Миронець // Наукові праці Національного авіаційного університету. Серія: Юридичний вісник «Повітряне і космічне право». – К.: НАУ, 2018. – № 2(47). – С. 40-45.
Abstract: Purpose: the necessity to use different approaches in a process of studying law as a complicated phenomenon has been substantiated in the article. Multidimensional legal thinking is important because a meaningful idea about the nature of law depends on approaches that have been used in its investigation. Methods: phenomenological; hermeneutic; comparative-legal; sociological; logical; dialectical. Results: the nature and the place of the category of “legal thinking” within the limits of such legal sciences as state and law theory and philosophy of law have been analyzed; the relationship between some types of legal thinking has been analyzed; the necessity, importance, expediency and relevance of the integrative jurisprudence formation for a modern society’s functioning has been substantiated. Discussion: legal thinking issues, law as a phenomenon, as an instrument for satisfying subjects’ of legal relations needs, the interrelation of certain types of legal thinking with the requirements of legality.
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