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dc.contributor.authorМиронець, Оксана Миколаївна-
dc.contributor.authorАляб'єва, В.П.-
dc.identifier.citationMyronets O. M. Theoretical-legal aspects of a right of nations’ self-determination / O. M. Myronets, V. P. Aliabyeva // Молодіжний науковий юридичний форум: матеріали ІІ Міжнар. наук.-практ. конф., (Київ, 16-17 травня 2019 р.). – Тернопіль: Вектор, 2019. – С. 34–36.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractAmong recognized right for the peoples, there is a right of selfdetermination. It is possible to determine this possibility as a real right to decide their own legal status, their present, and future, more else it may mean the formation of another country by their own will. On the one hand, this right is given to the people according to the general principles of International Public Law. On the other hand, its implementation may be really just according to an order accepted by the international community. Otherwise, it may violate one more imperative principle of International Law that is territorial integrity and inviolability of its borders. It is quite important to understand its content because nowadays, for example, because of the situation with the Crimean Autonomous Republic, the misunderstanding of this principle leads to conflicts between states.uk_UA
dc.publisherТернопіль: Векторuk_UA
dc.subjecta right of nations’ self-determinationuk_UA
dc.subjectthe self-determinationuk_UA
dc.titleTheoretical-legal aspects of a right of nations’ self-determinationuk_UA
dc.subject.udc341.218.2 (043.2)-
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