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Title: Challenges of International Science and Education in the Field of Aviation Transport Safety
Authors: Ісаєнко, Володимир Миколайович
Isaienko, Volodymyr
Paweska, Marcin
Kharchenko, Volodymyr
Bugayko, Dmytro
Keywords: aviation safety
international education
cycles of education
safety management system
scientific research activity
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Logistic education
Series/Report no.: Challenges of International Science and Education;
Abstract: The aviation safety issue has been one of the most urgent challenges since the first day of flight operations. Aircrafts, avionics, engines, and navigation, communication and surveillance aids have changed and developed, but the problem has never lost its relevance. the main purpose of IcAois to ensure the safe and orderly development of all aspects of international civil aviation. IcAodevelops Standards and recommended Practices. they are set out in 19 Annexes to the convention on International civil Aviation. the new IcAostrategies are the basis for the further sustainable development of global civil aviation. the paper paid special attention to the civil aviation hazards monitoring and risks management in the context of global aviation development trends.the paper deals with challenges of international education and introduces practical experience of the national Aviation university according to the new technologies in transport and aviation education, and trends of international cooperation with the International university of Logistics and transport in Wroclaw in this sphere. Key words: aviation safety, international education, cycles of education, hazards, risks, safety management system, scienti
DOI: 10.26411/83-1734-2015-2-38-3-18
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