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dc.contributor.authorІсаєнко, Володимир Миколайовичuk_UA
dc.contributor.authorIsaienko, Volodymyren
dc.description.abstractPurpose. A characteristic feature of sustainable development is balansed integration of its social, ecological and economic aspects in all institutions: state and administrative, private, civil, education, scientific, etc. Education for balanced development is to become a new learning process which will equally include economic, social and ecological aspects and will become the lifelong learning process with a clear role of formal and informal education. Education for balanced development should be one of the important instruments of transition from stable production models and consumption, formation by the population of a new system of values conforming to the moderation culture and balanced development principles as a whole. Methods: SWOT-analisis, GAP-analisis, statistical, analyticalen
dc.publisherInternational Communicationen
dc.subjecteuropean integrationen
dc.subjectnational education systemen
dc.subjectsustainable developmenten
dc.subjecteducation for sustainable developmenten
dc.titleThe Challenges of Today in Ukraine: Education for Sustainable Developmenten
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