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dc.contributor.authorBoichenko, Sergii-
dc.contributor.authorLejda, Kazimierz-
dc.contributor.authorYakovlieva, Anna-
dc.contributor.authorVovk, Oksana-
dc.descriptionInternational Automotive Conference (KONMOT2018)uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe work is devoted to the investigation of low-temperature properties of alternative jet fuels mixed with bio-additives derived from rapeseed oil, methanol and ethanol. For this work, a modification of conventional jet fuel from rapeseed oil, methanol and ethanol was chosen to develop alternative jet fuels. The main low-temperature characteristics – freezing point and pour point of conventional jet fuel and three types of bio-additives were identified and compared with the requirements for conventional Jet A-1 fuel. The influence of bio-additives from rapeseed oil, methanol and ethanol on low-temperature characteristics of new jet fuels has been studied and explained. The necessity of studying new technologies is grounded.uk_UA
dc.publisherIOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 421, 032003, 2018uk_UA
dc.subjectjet fueluk_UA
dc.subjectalternative jet fueluk_UA
dc.subjectlow-temperature propertiesuk_UA
dc.subjectpour pointuk_UA
dc.titleComparative characteristics of low-temperature properties of jet fuels modified with bio-additivesuk_UA
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