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Title: An Adaptive Prediction of Aircraft Motion with the Elements of Virtual Reality
Authors: Tovkach, S.S.
Romanovska, A.A.
Keywords: Graphics processing unit; multi-threaded; object state; adaptive motion control; wavelet analysis; replication, parallel computing.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Electronics and Control Systems, N 3(53) – Kyiv: NAU, 2017. – pp. 39–45.
Series/Report no.: ;№3(53)
Abstract: The problem of adaptive method for predicting the aircraft state, which, by the dynamics control of the object, allows to reduce the load on the distributed network of virtual reality (with data consistency), while improving the accuracy of prediction the objects state, has been considered. The high-level protocol interaction approach let to organize interprocess communication network at a higher logical level, with less network loading, by supporting variable-length messaging and built-in mechanism the data replication control based on the principle “the election of consistency”. Method develops to reach better the prediction of the object rotation and trajectory motion correction of the aircraft
ISSN: 1990-5548
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