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Title: Wear application of co-tic cemented carbides for gas turbines
Authors: Kindrachuk, Myroslav
Tisov, Oleksandr
Keywords: wear
high temperature
fretting wear
cemented carbides
wear resistance
cobalt alloys
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: National Aviation University
Citation: M. Kindrachuk, O. Tisov. WEAR APPLICATION OF Co-TiC CEMENTED CARBIDES FOR GAS TURBINES. Proceebings of the Fifth World Congress "AVIATION IN THE XXI-st CENTURY" - "Safety in Aviation and Space Technologies", Kyiv, 2012. P. 1.4.7-1.4.12
Abstract: The work offers a solution of urgent theoretical and practical problem of increase of wear resistance of GTE blades top shrouds contact faces. Implementation of current research results may increase service life of turbines. For –TiC cemented carbides manufacturing TiC-powders of grain size -20…+0.5 m were used. This provided them with combined micro and macro hardening. High strength of an alloy helps it to resist plastic deformations arising due to action of friction force. Accompanied by generating of friction induced surface structure with positive gradient of mechanical properties provides to Co-TiC cemented carbides perfect wear resistance at elevated and high temperature operation
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