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Title: A novel algorithm for damage analysis of fatigue sensor by surface deformation relief parameters
Authors: Konovalenko, I.
Maruschak, P.
Menou, A.
Karuskevich, M.
Ignatovich, S.
Issue Date: May-2013
Abstract: Fatigue damage of metal structures may be estimated by the application of sensors with the surface relief pattern indicating the accumulated fatigue damage. The nature of the deformation relief has been investigated. Digital analysis of the surface patterns based algorithm for the integral evaluation method has proved the efficiency of integral parameters (the general area of damage, mean gradient along the coordinate axes, and the mean amplitude of the histogram function spectrum) application for additional quantitative description of such surface structures. The evolution of deformation relief parameters on the sensors surface is determined by the process of the sensor and construction fatigue damage accumulation.
Description: International symposium on operational research and applications ISORAP 2013
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