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Title: Ukrainian-Polish dialogue 2013 – 2014 in terms of Euromaidan and Revolution dignity
Authors: Троян, Сергій Станіславович
Киридон, Алла
Keywords: Ukraine, Poland, relations, post-bipolar world, security, cooperation.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Sanok 2016, PWSZ
Citation: Troyan S., Kyrydon A. Ukrainian-Polish dialogue 2013-2014 in the context of the Euromaidan and the Revolution of dignity [w:] Na Pograniczach. Problemy społeczne i wyzwania dla edukacji: Monografia / Redakcja naukowa Jolanta Katarzyna Karolczuk, Sanok 2016, PWSZ, P. 45 – 56.
Abstract: The article analyzes the nature, characteristics, challenges the current stage of Ukrainian-Polish relations in the new security challenges and changes all the essential architecture of international relations. Special attention is paid to the scientific analysis of the state and prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland in connection with the revolution of dignity and Russian-Ukrainian conflict of 2014.
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