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Authors: Kusyk A.V.
Keywords: Computer testing,specialists training,aviation education,testing knowledge algorithms
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: ПОЛІТ.Сучасні проблеми науки.Гуманітарні науки:тези доповідей XVII Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції молодих учених і студентів:[y 2-x т.].Т.2(м.Київ,4-7 квітня 2017 р.)/[ред.кол.:В.М.Ісаєнко та ін.]; Національний авіаційний університет.-К.:НАУ,2017.-374 с.
Abstract: The work of pilot is one of the most difficult activity, that why the training is difficult as well. The process of professional training includes a lot of instruments and devices. The level of training should mainly guarantee safety. Accident analysis and preconditions shows that factors such as the mistakes in flight operations, errors in piloting techniques and operation of aviation equipment determines the overall accident rate. This causes the need to improve the organization of flight training for flight crews.
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