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Title: Method of parameters calculation of magnetic field of restricted area
Other Titles: Методика обчислення параметрів магнітного поля обмеженої території
Authors: Ostroumov, Ivan Victorovich
Keywords: magnetic field
Issue Date: 2016
Description: Global Earth’s Magnetic field is one of the most important things in planetary structure. Also magnetic field is one of the key elements for navigation purposes. Its parameters are extremely important for direction detection and other applications. For example in inertial navigation systems global magnetic field has been used for sensors calibration. Characteristics of magnetic field have been using for rotation detection and angular speed calculation too. Typically total magnetic field in some point of atmosphere has been sum of thee different components: main magnetic field – is result of geomagnetic process inside of Earth core; external magnetic field – is result of sun influence, depends on current solar activity and usually less than 5% of total magnetic field; anomalous – is result of influence of different ground anomalous areas which contain some ore deposits with magnetic characteristics in earth crust. Nowadays it is possible to detect influence of different human – made structures to total magnetic field. This is the result of wide metal construction usage in city building. Of course this type of influence is a part of anomalous magnetic field, but it is directly connected with results of human changing. In this case we can access natural and human based components of anomalous field. Also for humane based part we can include different electrical devices which can result in magnetic injection. Nowadays different international programs investigate and monitor characteristics of magnetic field. National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Swarm earth explorers by European Space Agency (ESA) investigate this problem, but in common way all of them are been oriented into global scale of magnetic field. Modern navigation devices and sensors grounded on magnetic field characteristics have been using magnetic field models which don’t contain data about humane-based part of magnetic field. In result non accurate model produce errors which will be in result of positioning or heading error. In some cases influence of human-based field will be very valuable for navigation purposes. That’s why the aim of this work to describe methodology of local magnetic field parameters measurement by typical users equipment.
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